mercoledì 25 giugno 2008


Why they stop to sell it????
I'm searching a model one 600 pro...


Starting from monday, these days are impossible...
A lot a lot a lot of work...
This is not going to work, is going to madness.

martedì 24 giugno 2008


Ya ya ya! In past i had hair!
It was loooooooong time ago :-)


Ther is always a rainbow after the storm....

domenica 22 giugno 2008


Life remain a mistery,
a mistery to live.

mercoledì 18 giugno 2008


I was going back home after my workday, and along the street i look a gal that was doing jogging.
What i see first was...headphones!

All the time, mostly, i see that people is doing jogging with an mp3, listening the favourite music to have the rithm.

When i do my jogging, i like to don't use anything, i like to listen what happens around me, the cars, the sound of the birds, people talking ecc... and i like to listen my breath.

For me, what is around me is my rithm.

lunedì 16 giugno 2008

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is absolutely and deeply my favourite actress.
I like her movies, i love her style, i love how much she looks so simple.
Maybe in real life she is not so simple, but my sensation go in that way.
Last night i dream her, wah!
Like every dream, was strange.
I was walking, and at the end of a street i found the movie set where was full of people, cameras ecc.
I went near and i found that there was the making of elisabethtown. ( It's a lot of time that i don't see that movie, but is my favourite from Kirsten, and i specially love the end of the movie, when Orlando Bloom is driving withe the book with her tips )
During a pause, we start to speak. :-D :-D :-D
Buy, like always, i was shy, i tryed to be normal.
I don't remember what we talk about, but after a while, she told me " i know Jiin, she told me good impressions of you"
Wah! So surprysed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then...i wake up.
So, Jiin, why you didn't tell me that you know her!!!!!!!!!!

See Kirsten and talk to her is really a dream, but i wake up with a smile.

domenica 15 giugno 2008

18-200vr in da hause!

So, i got it! Good lens to have fun with! Enjoy photograpy!


Asia, my sleeping dog.

venerdì 13 giugno 2008

The right time.

Browsing my 2006 pics...
Pics are "the life moment".
So, who was pointing the camera to take a pic, she done it at the right time.

Aniway, the subjects are NOT gay!!!

mercoledì 11 giugno 2008

Remembering the past...

This is the most italian monument to the death people during the 2nd world war. Is in a small city 50 km far from my hometown. Is builted on a hill, and there are 100.000 soldiers death body. Where you read Duca d' Aosta, this is the tomb of the commander.
Long 22 floors there are the bodyes of 39857 identified soldiers, on the last floor there are the bodyes of 60.330 not-identified bodies.
You can read many times "presente". When you are a soldier and the commander call you, you must scream "presente" to him, that means something like "ready, or i am here".

One of these bodyes is my grandpa brother.
Sorry, i don't know the name, i need to do a research.

" We think to people"

Politicians alwais told and scream us "We think to you, we think to the country, we think to help all the people".

Days ago in Rome we had the FAO meeting.
Today the U.S. ( ) president came to Rome for a meeting with i duno know ( or maybe he miss good pizza...).
Many streets are closed, many bus lines are closed, often the traffic is stopped because of some important car is driving fast to somewere...
And the poor man that took every day that bus to go to work that need it to save money for the family???
And that poor man that need to go out with his car from the garage in the early morning???
And that poor people stuck in the traffic waiting that an important car with that important politician must be at the meeting to save the world???
What this NORMAL people can do???

Wait, because "we are saving the world".

martedì 10 giugno 2008


I sold my first object on ebay!! :-)
My nikkor 70-300g is now working on a different camera...

lunedì 9 giugno 2008


No one is around;
the city is empty;
no cars, no people, no noise, no scream;
you can ear the birds sound, so rare;
you can walk in the centre of the street, no cars to be careful.
The city is a desert.

Italy is plaing at europe football championship.

domenica 8 giugno 2008


My mum gift....

I read chinese!!!

I can read chinese!! I can i can!!!!!!!!

I copy and paste to google translate, now they improve it with mandarin-italian translation
:-) :-)

You was thinking i learn ma?!!!
Sorry...i'm not good with my homework

sabato 7 giugno 2008

Long life to the King.

Happy birthday king of malaysia!
Long life to the King!

Sorry, what did you do in malaysia?

mercoledì 4 giugno 2008


I read that in malaysia petrol will encrease 40%.
Malaysia PRODUCE petrol.
That petrol is gov petrol-so is malaysians petrol!
Than PM tell to people: no money? eat more potatoes.
Excuse me? Did you know that potatoes are more expensive?
I think no, because you have waiter that buy for you. And maybe you are used to eat caviar.
Now you'll felt more fat, because your people will pay more money for the petrol that you sell.

Is like money.
A gov could print money. Free for all. ( JFK was killed also for this reason ). But the world is controlled from bank. So every gov must buy money from bank. So, we have to pay interests tax.
It's complicated to explane, but there are many good sites that explane well the sistem.

martedì 3 giugno 2008


Yesterday was italy republic holiday, so i went around Slovenia to explore new places.
Very nice to go hiking, very quiet for meditation.
Is strange thinking that long time ago, to came here you need the passport, then only I.D., and now, because slovenia is inside europe, there isn't anyone to control, only pass the old house on the border.
Time change the things.

Talking about destiny, when i was still in Italy, in a city near the border, i found along the street a slovenian motorcyclist. He stopped me asking info, asking "Slovenia?". Found there the border was not easy, is not the main border. He was luky, he found me at the right place and at the right time. I said "follow me, i go Bovec". You can understand how happy he was!
When i was at home i was thinking to go to slovenia from the main border, only after i decided to go to the other little one.
There was a why :-)

The river near the street.

Wellcome to slovenia.

In the past here you find a lot of, is free.

Yes, in the centre is raining.


Follow your dreams, always facing the reality.

domenica 1 giugno 2008

My friend is married!

Yesterday i went to my friend wedding. Was a nice day, sunny and warm.
We started to the church, then we went to the restaurant eating local nice and fresh food and we finished with a rock party. Enjoy the pics!
More pics on

P.S. Sorry for low quality...

The church

Girlfriend...for now

The sweet couple




Smoked ham

Fresh bread

Good red wine

From now, the rules to follow are my rules!!!

The old Kawasaki


Outside the restaurant

All the guys

All the gals

Yum yum yum

Many many many...

At the party

No, he isn't scottish, he is only mad!

The sweet couple...a bit drunk!