giovedì 24 settembre 2009

Udine @ night

When there is an event, Udine became coloured.

mercoledì 16 settembre 2009

New day

Starting a new day, from 11.000 m.

sabato 12 settembre 2009

Photo contest.

One of my pics was selected from 1600 other pics ( well, quality is low, non-pro photographers ) and came into the 30 finals. If someone want to help me gaving a vote ( you can do one vote per day with the same e-mail adress ) can follow this link.
You must send an e-mail to with writed " i vote for pic n. 7", then your name and adress.

domenica 6 settembre 2009

New in town.

Forget Coldplay, forget U2 or forget who you want... Italian Monkey band roks!

sabato 5 settembre 2009

3D experience.

I went at cinema to wach Ice age 3, but i saw the 3D version. IT WAS AMAZING! INCREDIBLE!
It's an experience that you must do! Now, i'm waiting action movie in 3D, waiting final destination 4 3D...

mercoledì 2 settembre 2009

Coldplay @ Udine

The little lights are mobilephone displays

Coldplay went to my hometown for a live concert. It was amazing!

More pics here