mercoledì 28 novembre 2007


I'm on holiday!!
I'll go 5 days in Prague!!


venerdì 16 novembre 2007


I'm ill....naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-(
No fever, but my nose is stuck, and my troth is out of order...
I hate be ill

mercoledì 14 novembre 2007

I think i understand

This wknd something happened...
i understand that i'm naive.
That's one of the reasons i'm in a bad period.
It's good for me understand that, i'll work to control that feeling.
but to understand it, i had to pas thrught some problems.


I'm a little troth is not good...desease feelings....

domenica 11 novembre 2007

A strange week-end

This wknd was strange...
well, allora, nothing strange happens, but i felt something strange feeling about what happens.
Yesterday night i went out for a dinner with friends. at the same table, were friends of friends, and one girl of them my past friend, wich i hang out in past, 4-5 years ago, but, for some reasons, we lost sight. Was a nice pleasure see her again.
This morning, i wake up, i went out the flat, when i close the gate behind me...a girl was walking with his dog: ciao! Andrea, what are you doing here! She was a girl....wich i hang out in past, some years ago, and wich we lost sight for some reasons.
Another nice pleasure to see her again, not much like the first one.
Time ago, i met at my work place the sister of my ex-girlfriend, she need to fix the car.
Huuu! how are you...what are you doing...bla bla bla. She's divorced, changed work, bla bla, bla.
We start to chat sometime, to hang out, cinema, pizza, 40 minutes at phone ecc...
Is a pleasure keep in touch with her again. Also because i know her well, i know her family well.

The point is: why the past is coming out?

Karma is strange...

martedì 6 novembre 2007

Cars&Girls: what else?

A dream car and a dream girl....sorry, but i like both

Christmass time

It's time, it's time to start, slowly, to think to christmass.
Supermarket starts to sell trees, lights, all kind of things to decorate home for this friendly day;
some of my friends start to paint some little christmass balls;
me and my friends start to plan to go in Austria to visit the local, tipical little markets;
city streets start to hang ligths on the walls.

These short days, when at 5 pm is dark, and the cold weather that is refresching your skin, helps to think about it.

venerdì 2 novembre 2007


I smile when i wake up;
i smile when i wash my face...and the water is cold;
i smile...because noone is around;
i smile;
i smile when the car is broken, so i've the choice to go slow;
i smile to a new day;
i smile, listening a good song,
and i dream.

I'm on holiday!

I'm on holiday!
Yesterday for us was a national holiday, so i pick up the choice, i ask for friday holiday to my boss...and so i have 4 days holiday!
This is the first time that i'm on home. When i'm on holiday i'm used to go out for a little trip in some places.
This time, i said: plese andrea, don't do nothing. Stay quiet and take your time to think to you.
Is very hard! I'm so used to do always something, to work ecc, that my mind all day think "i've to do that, and that and that, i can go there and there and there..."