giovedì 31 maggio 2007


Follow your dreams...

Sometime they are easy things,
sometime not.

life is one,  and dreams start from soul 

lunedì 28 maggio 2007


I start today chiropratic...

how i felt?

Ligth from 1000 euro!

Ok, healt don't has cost...

I hope to have good results. I trust in this wellness.

domenica 27 maggio 2007


Today is sunday...
i felt bored...
is raining...
i went in my room, i took my camera and i start to make pics at home.

Not everything is bad...depends how you look at!

giovedì 24 maggio 2007


I had some problems in my back.
Is a lot of time that i had problems in my back, but when i go to hospital they ever told me " take this pill for some time".
Ok, i took it, but it only felt me good a little, then the problem return out.
Last day one client told me " go to that doctor, is a chiropratic, he study and know very very well the back, and i had very good treatment."
When i went to him,  when i went inside the study, i really had the sensation to be in the rigth place at the rigth time. And when i tolk to him i really felt happy to be there.
Now i've to do a treatment for around 6 month, 2 time a week. Is a slow slow treatment to return straigth my back. Then, to maintain it, i've to do for all my life. Ok, could be only once a month, but everything that happen in my life could gave problems to the back, from wich all the nervous sistem start.

Chiropratic is very interesting, i suggest to all to make a search in internet to learn more.
Is really an help for your body, life style, and to learn to understand when your body "ring a bell" because you are doing something not good for it.

lunedì 21 maggio 2007

I'm brown!

Yesterday i wen to the beach, i take sun and i became very brown!! I'm happy!!
Also the sun recharge my "inside battery".

Western people love to became brown, we are like gosts all the winter so during summer we go under the sun the more is possible.
If we are strange? Became western!!

What is love...

What is love?
Love is been near a friend also if you don't have answers for his problems;
is would know who you have in front of you;
is give an advise but also a told off;
is talk about everithing;
is a butterfly that sit over your head;
is a flower that came out in front of you;
is the sun that warm your face.
You can have nothing in your life, neither a sock, but you'll be every moment surrounded of love.
The rest is only a need.
This is not bad, but you must know for not fell down.

venerdì 18 maggio 2007


I'm sorry i do not wrote in english because was more easy wrote faster what i felt that day. Only be careful that " Sono " is not " They ", but " I'm ". In italian we use "sono" for ourself and for they. Is the same word but different way.
Today i'm more good, more happy, was only a day in wich i was looking only the bad things in my life.
Problem is that they still be, also if i don't look at them.
I'll solve them.

mercoledì 16 maggio 2007

Sono un po' triste...

Sono triste perchè non riesco a risparmiare, succede sempre qualcosa.
Ok, non muoio di fame ed alla fine del mese arrivo giusto giusto, pero' non è possibile che quando arriva un periodo in cui li vedo che crescono, poi subito esce qualcosa che mi riporta alla situazione di partenza.
Sono triste perchè all'inizio della carriera sentivo, ed ho cercato, questa strada su cui mi trovo. Ora pero' tutto è cambiato in me, e vorrei andarmene in un altro paese. Ok, qua ho un lavoro sicuro con un ottimo stipendio ed ambiente, ma non mi sento pienamente completo. Là, non avrei nulla, partirei da zero, ma sarebbe quello che voglio.
Sono triste perchè non ho i soldi per andare là.
Sono triste perchè vorrei una persona che mi amasse, che mi cercasse, che quando mi vede le illumino il sorriso. E viceversa.
Sono triste perchè a volte mi sento davvero solo.
Sono triste perchè il mio fisico ha vari problemi. Ok, non gravi, c'è di peggio, ma piu' faccio per farli passare, piu' faccio ricerche, e loro sono sempre li. A volte peggio.
Sono triste perchè so che la forza è in noi stessi, ma non riesco a tirarla fuori.
Oggi sono triste, domani pero' andrà meglio.

domenica 13 maggio 2007


i understand that i'm half here and half in another country
( maybe more then half )
how can i manage my life with this situation?

mercoledì 9 maggio 2007

Goig outside

Oh my god!!!
I've decided to go to live alone!!
Outside! By myself!
Well, ok, not alone. There is one my friend that felt to go uotside home too, far from family.
So, we spoke and we decide that we can give help each other. And we can divide the apartament rent.
Around the world i saw that the most of the young people go very soon outside home. Is very popular. Here in Italy is not so popular, the most of the people live with parents.
At the age of 28 ( very soon 29 ) i think is time to think by himself, not always have the help of parents.

Is the life.

( I only hope my trip around the world will not stop, i'll save money more is possible. )

lunedì 7 maggio 2007


You are the ligth of this day
you are the wind that move the leaves
you are the earth that grew up the flowers
you are the wather that create the oceans.

You are the fire that warm my heart.

domenica 6 maggio 2007


Always the same...
I would love, give love,  receive love..
But, who i would love would love someone else...
And i became friend...
But sometime is very difficult stop the " butterfly in my stomach "....
Why i felt these "butterfly"???
All my friends felt butterfly and is the rigth choice so everyone live happy...
Me not.
I arrive or late, or early, or young, or old...
Or i became the personal guru...
So, i felt butterfly and i have to listen the story of butterfly of who i felt butterfly...
And, of course, i give the rigth advice!

Next life, please, everything but not be a butterfly!!

Is not easy to understand the story, only i want tell to butterfly that there is nothing to do in my stomach, go in another!