giovedì 30 agosto 2007


She is my friend, the one with i divide the flat. And she was wasching her hair!!

sabato 25 agosto 2007

Michael Moore

I went to cinema to watch the new film-doc of Michael Moore, Sicko.
Everyone, especially americans, must wach it.
Ok, some people could tell me that Moore show us only what he want to show us...but i wach it, i compared it to our italian surgery sistem and i found....we are luky.

I really think sometime why in US don't explode a revolution....

Good work Mr. Moore

venerdì 17 agosto 2007


Watching the news on tv sometime i don't understand...
The most important news is Bruce Willis not allowed to go to Briatore's disco, the Billionaire...
or the holidays of our politics, show man, V.I.P....

They only gave 30 seconds to a big notice:
are few days that Wall Street, italian MIB, japanese money exchange are veeeery down.
They loose around 3% 2 days ago and today! And the other days are loosing around 1%.
There are some theories about in 2008 will be a big "landslide of the ags" ( i translate with google...hope you understand)....well, now i think are not only theory.

If you are angry for the cost of the you know why.

venerdì 10 agosto 2007

What i do

This is an example of what i do, my work. not destroy car la!!!


What do you think about these pics?



They could be good or not...but important is.... i take it with my mobilephone!

3mp camera with a little little little lens! Incredible tec!

sabato 4 agosto 2007


A man without his belly is like a sky without stars

They are my good friends, he is from marche region, she is from L.A. They study and work teaching at Oregon university...they knew each other at campus.