venerdì 30 maggio 2008


Is warm is warm is warm!!!!
And i love it :-)

giovedì 29 maggio 2008


Well, i'm a good mechanic (hihihihihi) thats why clients trust me, and they leave the Ferrari to fix!

Well, i'm not bad and not good mechanic. I have good clients.

I like...destroy cars!

This is the funny part of my work!
( maybe not for client... )




And, of course, the opposite. The car is fixed!

lunedì 26 maggio 2008

No blonde anymore.

If i go to live in malaysia, i'll never see blonde gals!
Mmmm...maybe some foreign gal around kl....

( joking )

domenica 25 maggio 2008

My friend is going to be married!

Next sunday my friend is getting married! So, last friday we had a party celebrating the last days like a single :-)

He is the guy, serving some homemade cabernet red wine ( veeeeery nice )

All eating

More bread is coming

Lovely lovely salsiccia! ( i don't know how translate )

Gnam gnam!

After a little trick (washed from beer, wine and water )

He looks like a real motorciclist. He is a real one. Looks like a bad guy, but his heart is sweet :-)

mercoledì 21 maggio 2008

About mafia

There is a very interesting movie out at cinemas now. I hope they will translate in english.
It explane very well the situation in south italy.
The movie name is "Gomorra".
Gomorra is a nickname of Camorra, a kind of mafia. Mafia is the knewest name in the world, but the main place of it is in Sicily. Camorra is in another region, near Naples. N'drangheta is in Calabria region.
What they do is similar, but the territory is different.


There is a big sky over our head


Not bad the macro function of a simple and cheap Canon A 570 IS :-)

martedì 20 maggio 2008

Follow your inspiration.

Sunday, after finisched to move all the things i had in the flat to my parents home, after done it for 2 days, i was only dreaming a little escape from what all day i see. Was 6 pm, but i decided to go to Venice, 150 km far. And, was raining, heavy rain.
But i had that inspiration, and i decide to follow it.
I drop on the car, started the engine and took the highway.
After 80 km the rain never stopped, and sometime was like be inside a waterfall...
I also came out the highway to return back home, but in front of the Venice or Udine sign, i re-decideHered to go there.

Here is the rain video
(looks like fast driving, but the speed was around 100 km/hr)

But, near Venice, 20 km before, the surprise!
Clear sky and a fantastic light!!
Ya, my inspiration was right :-)

Venice, i'm coming!

"Birraria" means "beer shop", but is writed in local dialet, because the italian word is "birreria".

After a little walk trough the center, after a leap to the holiday mood, after walk and hear english, french, spanish, japanese, many different voices, the time to go back home is arrived.

lunedì 19 maggio 2008

Old friends, alwais friends.

Antonio asked me: Is a lot that we didn'd meet, go out this saturday for a pizza?
Me: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss! So happy! Many years passed from the last pizza we had!
Antonio: will be also Giacomo.
Me: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! Good good!

So, saturday evening we met at restaurant for a pizza, and for a meeting of very old friendship.
They are Antonio and Giacomo. I know them from when i was 13, they where living near my grand ma-pa home.
We took a different way when we grow up, but with Giacomo i spent 3 years at hight school in the same class. And now he is married and with a little boy!

He's Giacomo, and he don't want to be captured!

He is Antonio, and we are deciding the favourite pizza.

Ok, decided from a long menu'.

Here are the pizza's!

Ta da! I captured you Giacomo! Not easy to do, but i did of course!

Antonio saw a nice gal seated near us... The face expression is obvious, tipical italian :-)

And, the dessert! Veeeery sweet, veeeery nice!

domenica 18 maggio 2008

The way.

There was a time in wich i traced the way...
now, i'm only following one of the many.

Raining day.

Rain rain rain....

Canon in tha house!

I bought this compact camera to carry all day in my poket, and don't loose any pic!
I love my nikon d40 and i love nikon colours, but for compact i found canon have more nice colors. Ok, you can have more good cameras brand, but this was an offer, was very cheap!

Another turn.

So, i move out my flat and went back to my parents home.
The gal wich i divide the flat decided to go to live with her boyfriend, so my only option was return to my parents home.
Is not a bad idea, life outside is expensive, and now i'll save more money. And, at the end, live with my parents is not bad. Now, i've wi-fi, i've tv, radio, so i can stay quiet in my bedroom.
The next time i'll move out? ..... maybe when i'll go to Malaysia :-)
Never mind la!

martedì 13 maggio 2008

Life is a journey.

Life is a journey, and every journey has some leg.
Sometime, for many and different reasons, people lost a leg.
But they carry on...
There is a leg that i lost:
from mid school to high school i decided to learn electricity and computer. This leg is ok, is what i would do.
But, when i finisched school, i start to work becuse i would have my own money to live, because i don't wont ask to my parents. I was luky, because my father found for me that job. He asked me " would you?" and my answer was "yes", direct, withouth think too much because i need money.
So, you understand, my life was all the time helped and decided from others. Ok, this way is not bad, but now i explane which leg i lost:
i would decide what i felt i would do.
I alwais had the sensation to go to work and live outside Italy. I don't know why, but talking with friends they remember that i was alwais thinking in that way. In first, i would go to UK.
But, no money, so i accept here the work.
Now, is coming a period wich i have some money saved, and... i have to decide what to do:
continue my boss businnes ( others decide ) or pick up what i've learned till now and go live in Malaysia ( my decide ).
Am i strong to recover the leg?

lunedì 12 maggio 2008


There is always an angel that follow you, help you, advise you.

domenica 11 maggio 2008

The rule of the group.

I like to look around me, i like to see the different people and the different lifestyle.
People, mostly, always search to live in a group.
The group of the school;
the group of the office;
the group of "friends of mountain bike";
the group of motorcycle

Sorry, i'm a lonely.
In my lifetime i've joined different groups, like i wrote up there, and more.
I enjoy all of them because i've different interests.
But, after a while, i came out, because i found that the group start to have the same ideas, the same "rule", and what is against is an enemy.
I'm too much open minded to follow only one idea, i like to listen all the different positions, i like to discuss, i like to learn something new.
Sometime, you can learn also from your enemy.

martedì 6 maggio 2008

A man on the moon.

I would ask sorry to the people i saw during my holidays in Malaysia.
For many reasons, i wasn't well, and my feeling where like
" a man on the moon ".