martedì 13 maggio 2008

Life is a journey.

Life is a journey, and every journey has some leg.
Sometime, for many and different reasons, people lost a leg.
But they carry on...
There is a leg that i lost:
from mid school to high school i decided to learn electricity and computer. This leg is ok, is what i would do.
But, when i finisched school, i start to work becuse i would have my own money to live, because i don't wont ask to my parents. I was luky, because my father found for me that job. He asked me " would you?" and my answer was "yes", direct, withouth think too much because i need money.
So, you understand, my life was all the time helped and decided from others. Ok, this way is not bad, but now i explane which leg i lost:
i would decide what i felt i would do.
I alwais had the sensation to go to work and live outside Italy. I don't know why, but talking with friends they remember that i was alwais thinking in that way. In first, i would go to UK.
But, no money, so i accept here the work.
Now, is coming a period wich i have some money saved, and... i have to decide what to do:
continue my boss businnes ( others decide ) or pick up what i've learned till now and go live in Malaysia ( my decide ).
Am i strong to recover the leg?

2 commenti:

haan ha detto...

believe in yourself, then u can do it.

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

Not easy...but i try! :-)