domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Why i always fall?

I had a long period where i had money only for petrol and some food. No extras.
It was hard, but i was happy.
Now, i sold my car and i've some ( not much ) money saved...and i start to re-look at motorbike, cars, clotes ecc Why is so difficult for me to remember and understand that i don't need extra things in my life? Why i don't think to save and have money when i want to travel to search new places, to learn from different culture, to lost myself and find the new way?
I'm so dumb sometime...
The movie "Into the wild" arrived at right time.

Into the wild

I would thank Sean Penn,
you make a great movie.
It gave a breath..into the wild of my life.

domenica 20 gennaio 2008

Zooming life

Sometime i think that mind wiew is like a zoom:

-you start young with a large wiew of the world and life, i call it "wideangle" wiew, 10mm f2.8 period;

-then you finish scool and you start to get inside work-world with yes his satisfaction but also with his rules, specially if you are under a boss, i call it "tele" 25-70mm f4-5.6 period;

-you became old and your brain start to understand and trust only with the point of wiew of yourself, alwais discussing with the others about every type of argoument ( in Italy politics and football are on first place ) but you don't want to listen others point of wiew, i call it "powerfull zoom" 600mm f6 (sometime with telecoverter 2x) period.

Travelling for me is a way to postpone the "powerfull zoom" period, but i'm understanding that he's coming near ( never like some of my friends...they are fully inside! ).

I hate pwzoom! I'll stop you!


Bike show

I went to a bike show.
Was very nice and interesting, but too much people. I felt like inside an hamburger!
If you want see my pics, click on the link on the right.

domenica 13 gennaio 2008

My "half" period

I call this period "half".
Thats because i'm...
half in Italy and half in Malaysia;
half sad for selling my car and half happy to end my bills;
half attracted from a girl but half know is too much complicated;

and a lot of many different half....

venerdì 11 gennaio 2008

I'm sad...

I'm sad, the guy who saw my car decided to buy it...
I love my car, was the only car i've dreamed...
Well, i dream also a Ferrari...but (for now) is not so easy for me to buy it!

Bye bye my..."little bastard"

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2008


On the last post i wrote that where snowing.....
yesterday we had 14 degree....


giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

I'm happy

The end of the day was an happy ending:

-i went to bookstore and i've found the "Brian Peterson: how to learn exposure" italian! Because, time ago i tryed to search it but we haven't in italian translation ( i'm lazy to read in english when i want learn an argoument ). Today i went in library for search other things...and i found it! New arrival!! Yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

-start to snow! Not much big sister, we'll see tomorrow when i'll wake up if was only few flakes or more

Now i go to read and learn exposure....

martedì 1 gennaio 2008

Udine by nigth

This is Udine, my hometown, with christmas lights

Main street, center

Main square under the castle


Ok, new year starts quickly: i've been tagged from YY!

7 random/weird things about me....:

1- I dream too much about everithing;
2- I can work till late, fast and a lot, but i hate be there before 8.30 because i want sleep till last minute;
3- I've a lot of interests but i undertake not much;
4- I'm a true person;
4- I have precise;
5- I don't think enought about what is good for my life;
6- I try alwais to be a funny guy, i love make smile gals;
7- I have to learn to be more decided.


May this year make your wishes true! Happy new year!

( now i go to sleep.... )