lunedì 30 aprile 2007

Roudabound 2

Ok, last post i said i felt like in a roundabound...
I don't know too much, but something is changed in me in a positive direction.
I took an exit.
I felt like in a good way.
Thats because i understand some sensations in me.
Ok, not all, i've still some to understand, i'm not perfect, but i felt good!
I give off positive energy and it returns!


Waw!! I never told anyone i have a blog...
One person, very important for me, last day told me: " You have a blog!!??"
Was the first who found it, so i was happy thinking " Oh god! We are really far by body but very near by spirit! So lovely!! "
Arrive this answer: " you leave a comment in my blog so i found you have one..." romance... :-P
But still is very important!! :-)

sabato 14 aprile 2007


If you love yourself a little bit you can only give a little bit of like a fire that give warm in the room.