sabato 25 ottobre 2008

Special juri mention!

I partecipate to a local photography competition.
I didn't won, but 3 of my pics had a special mention from the juri! :-)
" The pics have a clear sensitivity to shot and a passion to search and find the point of wiew and the emotional point of wiew. B&W is excellent."
Sooooooo happy!

Pics aren't processed.

P.S. I scratch the pics because never mind if people dowload them and in future i had proplems...

giovedì 23 ottobre 2008

Yadobashi, electric city, Tokyo.

This is dreamland! You can wach,! Not think, if you think you'll became crazy!
Think about something, they have it.
E V E R I T H I N G ! ! ! !
And also Leica ( all lens, all cameras, all accessories...), hasselblad, voeghlander, holga, mamiya, zeiss, ecc ecc.

Japan Robot

Walking around electric city, i found a great shop. Also Will Smith came here!
( but i think he has the money to buy a robot...)


I'll have all the best things to take shots, but what i'll never have is the talent to use them.


I'm in Tokyo in a ikea's wood capsule listening foo fighters from my japanese "like a piece of lego" mp3, chatting in italy with friend and watching from the top the sexy jap gal seat in her ikea's wood capsule.
So crazy la!

Bye bye Tokyo...

So, today is the last day here in Tokyo. Tomorrow morning i'll wake up, i'll have breakfast and then i'll pick up my backpack following the airport direction.
Tokyo, a place where people dress like a cartoon, where people paint the dog nails, where they order the coins from lowest to highest, where donuts are very nice, (but also the sushi), where food is nice, healthy and cheap ( compared to Italy ), where an italian can't stay inside pachinko game place more than 2 minutes because the crazy-tecno-sound is higher than a disco, where the megamall Yodobashy have EVERYTHING, (especially for camera...), where is nice to walk around because not much car traffic and a wonderfull skyline, where everywhere is clean, where there is the perfect mix of tecnology and story.
Bye bye Tokyo, see you again!

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008


Tokyo is amazing!!!!!!!

Best place in Tokyo.

I went at Tokyo bay, to electric city, to Mori tower and many nice places in this city. But the best place, for me, is the local little restaurant near the hostel.
They serve very good food, the place is very local, the customers are very friendly! The man on the left offer me the Sakè, local spirit. I'm sorry to don't speak japanese...i could only say "arigatò" many times.

Hight lunch.

The higthest lunch i ever had before: at Park Hyatt hotel, Tokyo. AMAZING!

If i'll get married...

If in future i'll get married, i would do celebrations here, Tokyo bay.

martedì 21 ottobre 2008

Tokyo megamall

I went to electric city today, to look around the new electric-toys ecc.
I thought: a little walk inside Yodobashi megamall, then let's go around the area...
I went inside at 11 am....i came out at 5 pm !!!!!!!
Is so huge and they have EVERYTHING!!!!
The best floor was the robot floor, all the stuff that every child loves!
But also the cameras floor was amazing :-D
Soooo many things that i would buy!

Evening Tokyo, electric city.

Tokyo tv show

I was walking around electric city, when i saw cameras and funny people. So, i went near to take some pics, and they started to talk me during the record, the guy offer me to try spaghetti from that little box and, of course i agree! We had fun together for 5 minutes, me in italian, them in japanese. I think that if someone will see the recorded candid camera on tv, they will have a lot of fun!

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008


Mori hight wiew

domenica 19 ottobre 2008

Walking in tokyo.

Iside the hostel

Today i've done my first long walk around Tokyo streets.
I'm very surprised from this city: i was thinking to go to a caotic-traffic-jam city, but is the opposite. Except in some famous corners, is a "quiet" city, with not much car's around.
Streets are wide, so walk isn't a problem. People are very friendly, they helped me everytime i need with the machines to print the metro tiket, and sometime they show me also the way.
The hostel is nice, with a confortable bed with also good privacy, is very quiet, free wi-fi everywhere, bathroom is very clean, staff is friendly and is near to metro station.
The best walk was around the Meiji-jingu ( shybuia ) park: i found a lot of people playing, singing, playing different instruments, reading under a tree. there was a very nice atmosphere. Then, outside the park, long the streets, i found many music groups. One of them was playing japanese rock: they where like stars! It was be like a live concert! With a huge equipment, and some fans. The sound was great!

sabato 18 ottobre 2008


It"s Tokyo!
It"s cortoon city!

giovedì 16 ottobre 2008

Let's go!

I'm full, full of my work, full to do everyday the same way to work, full about many things.
So, which is the best treatment?

I took the last-second flight to Tokyo.
Let's go travelling like in the past, with a guidebook and the inspiration, in a very different culture.

domenica 12 ottobre 2008

Sunset era...

This period will be the sunset era? ........

2 sides...

The moon, with it's sunny side...and it's black side.

giovedì 9 ottobre 2008

Happy bithday!

Happy birthday!


Someone special is around

Milano by night.

It's a very interesting city for street photography. By day and by night.
Next time i'll be there prepared with tripod and good camera. And time.

Daniela's Muffin !




Thanks Daniela! You made very sweet muffin!
But now i miss them...

Grom: a special taste.

This is one of the best ice cream i tryed before!