domenica 19 ottobre 2008

Walking in tokyo.

Iside the hostel

Today i've done my first long walk around Tokyo streets.
I'm very surprised from this city: i was thinking to go to a caotic-traffic-jam city, but is the opposite. Except in some famous corners, is a "quiet" city, with not much car's around.
Streets are wide, so walk isn't a problem. People are very friendly, they helped me everytime i need with the machines to print the metro tiket, and sometime they show me also the way.
The hostel is nice, with a confortable bed with also good privacy, is very quiet, free wi-fi everywhere, bathroom is very clean, staff is friendly and is near to metro station.
The best walk was around the Meiji-jingu ( shybuia ) park: i found a lot of people playing, singing, playing different instruments, reading under a tree. there was a very nice atmosphere. Then, outside the park, long the streets, i found many music groups. One of them was playing japanese rock: they where like stars! It was be like a live concert! With a huge equipment, and some fans. The sound was great!

3 commenti:

Snowman ha detto...

Mandi Andrea! Today in Treviso arrived your favourite austrian schnitzel stand..Do you want to change with the Japanese food..?

Daniela ha detto...

Wow! Missing Tokyo, so much!!!

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

Bona la schnitzel! Eee...bon dai x ora mi accontento dei tempura...