sabato 27 ottobre 2007


I've watched ratatuille, the movie.
Did you remember the garbage guy ( i mean if you have seen that movie ) ???
His name was Linguine.
Linguine, in italian, is the name of a kind of pasta. Are like spaghetti, but more pressed, not round.
Well, by the way, for an italian ( ok...maybe only for me... ) was a funny thing call that guy..linguine!

giovedì 25 ottobre 2007

Life period

For me, this is a strange period.
A lot of doubts for "what to do when i'll be old";
bills to pay;
only buy what i absolutely need, nothing else. Even an hamburgher.
i'm not too much worry, almost nothing,
because i found that i'm learning a lot, i'm learning how to manage my money, i'm learning to understand what i really want do and be when "i'll be old".

Life is also made of periods.
If they are not good, there is always something to learn, always a little but positive way.

martedì 23 ottobre 2007

A good start

I've broken my scooter so for few weeks i've to drive my car to go to work.
The nice part of that, is that i could listen radio.
I see that the most of the time that i wake up, go in my car and swich on the radio, if i found a good music i'll be more happy all the day.
The most of the time i listen Virgin radio, no advertisement or people that talk. Only good music.

domenica 14 ottobre 2007


Sorry, my brain is on holiday so i've no ideas to post.
See you later :-P

mercoledì 3 ottobre 2007