domenica 16 maggio 2010

Bechelor party

He's a great man. Because, he's going to get married. That's huge courage!

domenica 9 maggio 2010

Terzani price 2010.

The winner.

The father, his story is into the book.

Umberto Ambrosoli (left) and Enrico Mentana ( journalist)

From left: U. Ambrosoli, E. Mentana, Mrs. Angela Terzani (wife of writer Tiziano Terzani)

U. Ambrosoli and A. Terzani with the price.

On the right, Honsell, our city major.

Umberto Ambrosoli

Enrico Mentana

Yesterday i went to see the ceremony of Terzani price. The winner wrote a book about the story of his father, Giorgio Ambrosoli, a lowier that went too much inside Sindona he was killed. His father was a worker of the Italy state...but for the Italy state he became an enemy. A comment from our Senator Andreotti: he searched troubles. A comment from me about this comment: no comment ( poor Italy...).
Giorgio Ambrosoli, before few days to be killed, talking with a collegue that was asking him "why you'll not resign?", he replyed: i don't want to teach fear to my son.

venerdì 7 maggio 2010

Shirin Ebadi

I went to listen Shirin Ebadi. She is a Nobel prize for Peace, but not only this... she is also a woman fighting for human rights. She is quiet, but her words are very strong.

domenica 2 maggio 2010


Made by Palladio. I love italian art...


It's all so quiet....shcccc, shccc