mercoledì 30 luglio 2008

Fixing lens

My 18-55 had something strange, on the mid range is not easy to turn the zoom.
Because i'm curious and i like to fix things...i open it to fix :-)
This is how is inside.

martedì 29 luglio 2008


A book is nice, used is better.

lunedì 28 luglio 2008

Blogger's meeting

I went to a blogger's meeting, i met a lot of people from many italian cities, i met a lot of nice, funny, friendly people.
Not only a virtual talk, but a real enjoy!

All the group

mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

Only one.
and more.

This is the number of people on the Earth.

But, we really need only one.


My birthday gift!
( used, but like new )

Now, let's go to play

domenica 20 luglio 2008

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to me...
Here in Italy we say " you are going into ...enta" ( enta is used for numbers after 30 ).
It's one year more on my I.D., and is also a little bit like a change...
But, strange, i don't know why, i'm going back.
I play with film camera,
i'm fixing my 90's full suspended mountain bike,
i'm looking past pics,
i start to remember my past dreams...

Happy birthday Andrea, you are one year...less.

Browsing into the past...

I was looking inside many dia-positive from my father collection. Pics that have around 20-25 years...
Camera is a time machine, and this is the best expression of it: me and my family, many years ago...

My grandpa and grandma, from dad side. My grandma is still alive, and she is the ealthiest!

My bis-grandma, from mum side. She passed away years ago.

Me and mum in Venice. I think i was 4-5, so mum was 24-25. Was pretty!
And me wearing my first camera :-)

5th birthday! "25 years old my parents!

From left: Grandpa(mum side) - grandpa (dad s.) - grandma (dad s.) - me - grandma ( mum s. )

sabato 19 luglio 2008


I've always loved to fly...

Far hugs.

Now is born the "hug shirt"!
I saw a rewiew on tv about it.
You buy it, you wear it, you connect it by bluetooth with your mobilephone, you call your friend wearing the same hug-shirt and when you hug yourself, your friend shirt start to move giving an hug feeling!
Ah, tecnology...

venerdì 18 luglio 2008

Feeling hapiness.

I spoke with my boss about my idea to go in Malaysia for 2 months, he agree and i gave him time to plan the businnes right time to leave. I think it could be possible by the end of this year or the first months of new year.
I would 2 months ( i would more but maybe is not possible ) because i would be far and reset from the italian system, to have calm and clear minds.

After spoke, after a long "sad" time, i start to feel the happiness. It doesn't meant that i'll go to live there, but is an opportunity.

mercoledì 16 luglio 2008

A fresch walk

I went trekking, up my lovely mountains
I love go up, watch from the top the things


Cows, eating to produce milk

On the way

Fresch cheese, it born here

lunedì 14 luglio 2008

World is alwais surprising me

Sometime i wach Komang blog, the guy living in Bali.
Into his last post i read that all the village had a ceremony and the priest came to fix the first stone of his new home.
For me is something special, with that words i learn that still there is a world connected to "something more", to something that my culture think is magic....
But i think is only forgot.

Lucky, there is someone who remind us.

When is snowing during the summer.

Ok, is not snow, but this big hailstorm wasn't a good thing....

domenica 6 luglio 2008

Is so i think to the snow

This is past, 1988.
That time, in my hometown during the winter was really snowing a lot. All year.

venerdì 4 luglio 2008


Trust in what are you searching because you'll find what you want.

mercoledì 2 luglio 2008

A wonderfull dinner.

I was invited for a dinner to Anna's home. She is an artist, she made mosaic and also nice and beautiful dishes. She is very creative!
Was not easy to "destroy" that beautiful dishes!
There, i met another 3 friends: Lisa, Irene, Camilla.
I'm sooooooo luky!
I have very pretty friends!!! :-)
I love them because they are very creative, simple and friendly persons. We didn't met often, but every time the atmosphere is very nice.
After the dinner, we went to the city centre in S. Daniele because there was the ham party.
Full of people to celebrate the best ham in the world!


From right: Irene, Anna, Lisa

Camilla's eye

From right: Anna, Lisa, Irene, Camilla

Sometime nice.

I was looking inside one of my box and... i found my old pentax p30 with takumar 28-80.
When i see it i start to remember my first trip outside italy, when i went in india & nepal with it and another 12 films.
At that time i didn't knew anithing about how to use a camera, i was only setting at 125 the shutter and looking inside the mirror i adjust the f... incredible!!!!
But the pics lukily where nice.
So, i went to the shop and i bought a film of fuji provia. And i went around my hometown to take some shots.
Wah! The sound of the shutter!
The manual focus!
Only 36 exposures!!!
Is very different the feeling from a digital...
You have always to think well and try to don't loose any exposure.
And, wait, wait to develope at the shop the exposures. So exited!
I went to collect the diapo, i didn't print. So, to show, i've to buy now a scanner with diapo option...

Uh, yes! The exposures are very nice!