domenica 30 marzo 2008

Various news

Today i went to a local motor show.
Nice cars, motorbikes, gals....
But this is very a big prewiew, and you'll not see many around, because is the Ducati desmosedici R, the moto gp replica, and it's.... 60K euro!

Then, another mith, the Lancia Delta integrale direct from the driver Miki Biasion. When i was youg this car was very a big dream for me!


My homemate want to go, to leave. So, because i dun have friends to share the flat, my "alone life" will end. In six months, the time we must tell before leave.
Will be not so easy return to live with my parents, but i'll not loose money.


What can i do, i can't stop think to Malaysia. I tryed to do, i tryed to understand that here i've everithing good, but is like fight with a wall. Everithing inside me want to go there.

I can't escape from myself.

So, the next step is have courage, have strength, to tell to my boss.
I'm looking at myself that i'm closing in myself, the more time passes the worse is. I think it's because i don't want suffer, my subconscious is protecting himself to try not suffering, because the more time i'm in malaysia the more i have ties,the more i'm linked...and the more i suffer at home far from my ties. These ties are not only friends, also life, landscape, everithing. Is not easy to tell and translate...
Is strange and funny, but my most worry is can tell it to my boss. Is a thing that for me is really not easy to do. Because is like a father teaching me the work and waiting to gave him the businnes.

domenica 23 marzo 2008


From the newsmagazine: in Italy we have the lowest european salary and the hightest european politicians salary...


copiright rossitravel

My friends always told me i compare everithing...what can i do, i love do it! If in malaysia there is a company who need someone good to compare things, i'm here ready!
By the way...
I'm back from malaysia so i still have in my mind the local food price.
Yesterday, because my fridge is empty, i went to buy some stuff at supermarket.
My god!
Carrot, cheese, honey, marmalade, bread, chiken, strawberries...
LIKE 80 ring!!!

In Penang you can eat 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venerdì 21 marzo 2008


I saw that movie called Jumper.
Is a nice movie, for people like me that love to travel could be nice.
Jump to a place to another quikly is very a dream!
Nice story, nice action, nice actress.
I give 7.

domenica 16 marzo 2008

The home.

There is a common between the people.
In Italy i see the chinese eating with chompstck;
i see the africans wearing them local and colourfull clotes;
i see the americans driving with the cup of coke on the hand...
Travelling, i see the italians drinking the small cup with Illy coffee and reading the football news.
Everywhere we are, there is something that follow us in the heart: is a piece of Home.

Excuse me, let me say this words, but i think i'm more lucky than others, because i've 2 homes.
Trust me, is not easy.

sabato 15 marzo 2008

Ciao Ping

Ciao my dear...

Thank you

Thanks my friends to drive me around,
thanks my friends to gave me a roof,
thanks my friends to gave me a bed,
thanks my friends to gave me an internet connection,
thanks my friends to don't allow me to pay the food;

now i've money for a Ferrari!

Thanks, really.

Back in Italy

i'm back home.
Still now, 3 weeks away don't seems, i don't felt this long time passed, i felt like i went away for 2-3 days.
What does it mean?
I'm old to travel so far?
Jet lag is too strong for me?

Maybe, i left behind some minds very streffull for me...
and i turn the page.

giovedì 13 marzo 2008

My last night in Malaysia

This night will be the last, the end of my holidays...

i understand more about my friends work in this country, is interesting but like alwais it has good and bad things;
i understand more about politic in this country, for my ideas it goes too much in only one way, need an opposition to don't allow too much only one, or it coul became like a dictature;
i had my 5 minutes of fame, not all about me but i was very near;
i'll miss warm;
i'll miss my friends, little and big sister;
i still can't take a decision of my future;
i still don't understand much english, most of the time i don't follow the sense of what people is talking;
i think my future still is in my country, here i found too much difficulties for me;
i saw a new island, veeery nice but to much crowded;
perhentian island still are my favourites;
i sleep a lot, that's was what i want to do during these holiday;
i'm ready for a new work season.

martedì 11 marzo 2008

Asian food.

During past days i eat pizza and burgher.
My god! I found myself really not used to that kind of food!
Ok la, was nice, i enjoy it. But i for 2 days i felt full, veeery full, my stomach was near to explode!
I really wasn't in good mood...
With asian food it don't happens, is very easy for me to digest it. I love that.

After years spended to travel in asia, after getting used to many things...
i'm now only waiting that my eyes line turn in asian style :-)

Another funny...

I was having lunch with YY and Tricia in a nice restaurant:
i ordered chinese food...
they ordered something with chiken, looks like western food...
i was eating with chompstick...
they were eating with fork and knife...

The people always like's opposite :-)

Sorry, i'm not local.

A funny thing happened yesterday:
i was walking long the street returning home, when a malay girl stop me asking where she can find Putra LRT...
I told her i usually take bus to the city center, and because i'm not local i don't know how help her more.

What's funny? A malay girl in malaysia ask to an italian where to go la!

lunedì 10 marzo 2008


My mind have a blackout.

I'm here...without power for anithing.

giovedì 6 marzo 2008

East & west.

An example of how to eat: western and eastern type.


Follow your senses


Thanks my friends to bring me around! Thanks to bring me at local restaurant, where all the local people go, where you can find the nice local food that i love.

Also food here is very cheap: in italy if you go to eat fish, for a dinner like this you can pay around 800 ringg O_O

Soooo cheep!!!

Oh my god! Look at he price! Here petrol is very cheep!
Do you want to know how much is in Italy?
For the same liters you pay...

299 ringg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunedì 3 marzo 2008

Ya la!!!!! I'm on holiday!!!

After a year of work, lukily i'm on holiday! :-)

Follow and learn

I went to my friend work. He's connecting and setting a tv studio. I was happy to go there and follow him.
Ok la, i was there only few hours... but a bit i learn :-)