domenica 30 dicembre 2007


I need an angel...


Written on the cartel: "Don't leave garbage"..........

Clean the car

This is Sarah, my best friend, cleaning her car.
Is an event, she do it once a year!


These are the mountains from the top.
Sorry, i don't know to fly...i took a plane

My foot

This is my foot


An example of HDR image:

this pic

plus this pic

Made this picture

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2007




lunedì 24 dicembre 2007

Merry christmas!

Merry christmas to all! May all your wishes became real

domenica 23 dicembre 2007

Me and God

Is a strange relationship between me and God.
Basically, i'm chatolic, but, my idea and feeling of God is " i trust in someone or somethig hight ".
Usually, i never go to church during the year, but sometime, usually when i'm travelling or during big religious holiday i go to visit the church or listen the mass.
I know He knows that i'm a bad "faithfull", but in these special occasions i try to be near him.
So, see you tomorrw night my "Holy" friend :-)

giovedì 20 dicembre 2007

To Fabio Volo

Ciao Fabio,
we don't know each other, well, i know you, i listen you everytime at the radio with your funny trics and filosophy words, but, when i read your books, is so impressive how for every book you wrote, was my "life period". So equal....


This day will be very important for europe politicss: this day all the Shenghen countryes will open the borders, no identity card to pass trugh.
Not many years ago a city ( Berlin ) was divided from a wall....

Now european frontiers are very far.

domenica 16 dicembre 2007


This is my first HDR image. I've dowloaded the Corel paint shop pro X2 trial version because i read about the hdr plug in. I alwais loved this kind of picture, but i never learn to do it in photoshop. With this softweare is very easy to do, and i'll think i'll buy it.

lunedì 10 dicembre 2007

Ciao Oscar

I know, we don't met each other much, maybe, 2 or 3 times for few minutes. But, you left me a sensation the first time we met, looking each other through the glass. I felt that we had a similar life...
Not many words to tell, a slow moving through our life-space, a wiew of the world that appears with his colours but, is separate from us from a transparent glass that you do not realize... but is there.
And many friends and people that, yes, loves you and help you, even if your life is swimm in a space without anyone.

Ciao Oscar, may your soul swimm through the waves of sky. See ya!

domenica 9 dicembre 2007

Things are not going well

Spoking with friends and other people, i'm looking that in my country the work situation is going down ( and not only this ).
Exept of some little groups, some kind of work like in factory or that kind of work in wich you have fixed time, or the owners of factory wich if they aren't at work it'll going on, all the gave free time and work.
All of them has a contract with 8 hours a day or 4 if you are part-time. But, all of them always stay at work more of this hours, during december no day stop because all shops are open. Yes, because the director ask you ( but is not ask, is taxation ) to stay, you sign the more hours and at the end of the month they gave you 10% of what really you need.
The point is, ok, there are a lot of countryes with more problems, where you work more for less, but here politics alwais talk about " rigths to all the people " " more time for family" ecc when, in reality, the big companies in fact exploit the people.
This, you translate in a lot of stress, and the reports to each other, to the man who is buing fruit from the seller, are not good, alwais with not much respect. I'm looking that all the people are thinking to himself or to his little group ( his family for example ) and the relation with the external is alwais compared to have a beneficial to himself.
Think to a large scale....
Uh, yes, well, if you could "take it easy" there is not much problems because you.."take it easy", but the director put over you a lot lot lot of stress, they alwais tell you " DO IT FAST AND WELL ". It happens every day all the time.
Then, the cost of the life becames very hight, and the most of the people ( 80% ) don't end the month with his salary. The most of the people are living with the help af the parents, who don't have this help, live day by day. So, now here you can buy everything a rate, from the car to the tv, from your mobilephone to your ...spending at the market.
Want buy home? If you are alone, 40 years mutual with 50% of your salary to the bank. ( And think that here a pair of jeans cost the 10% of your salary) If you are 2, little more easy, but a life with no extras.
I remember that in past only the man works for his family, the lady was at home thinking to grew up the childrens....
Now, is impossible. Because you can't afford to yourself.
At the end, i ask myself why don't came out a revolution.....
Because you have to work in the shop, there is no time to do it.


Talking with a friend, i understand....
The most of the time, every day, i'm thinking about wich way to chose, if follow my sensations with no security about future, or follow the security that my present is giving me.
I think, if i think every day about that...i'm already started.
I need only to decide to follow my ideas with my body.

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Czech press photo

Today i went to the czek press photo, exibition and price winner. In this place i felt what is "tell a story with a picture". I found and look very impressive pics, storyes about life, wars, children help, 20 hour worker ecc. I found pics that remind me how many difficult lifes are outside, and how many strong people is living in extrem condition.

domenica 2 dicembre 2007

I'm in Prague

Ciao ciao!
I' m in Prague with some friend and with tripluca, a guy who live travelling. His stories are very interesting! And is a luky pleasure see him.