martedì 26 maggio 2009

Made mosaic.

I've friends that are artist, they made mosaic. I went to an exibition and i had the time to photograph them. Here are them works. Enjoy!

domenica 24 maggio 2009


Party time? It's pizza time!

domenica 17 maggio 2009

It's, finally, summer weather.

Wiew from my bedroom window

T-shirt, hot sun, warm's summer weather! During week-ends, for me, is not easy sometime, because many thoughts, that usually are hide, came out. And i would have like in Star-Trek the iper-space to go in a second from a place to another. But, i'm here and where i can go is only around here. And what i can do is simply enjoy this "around".

venerdì 15 maggio 2009


This is the kind of photographer that i dream to be...

Nice to meet you, Doc.

Yesterday i went to meet and see the famous dr. Demartini.
I dont want to describe here and now who he is, you can chek and make an idea of him here.
Some people describe me how, after met him and after done his "breacktrught experience" they have changed life in a good way...
So, after many years, now "we" have the"luky" to met him in Italy and be insipired from his words.
I told myself: i'm curious, lets go to met this "guru".
After 3 hours listening an, i've to say, good american accent ( very strange to find this good american accent, usually, i don't understand any word...) i had my conclusion:
life, during good and more often bad days, have teach me how to improve my strenght, how to fight trying to follow personal dreams, how to do what we are born to do. He is a very good speaker, and he has resumed in words some of my sensations.

Btw, i still wait someone that tell me how to manage the way to follow my dreams, without create problems to who sourround me. Because, everythig you do reflect on your closest persons.

domenica 10 maggio 2009

The truth. If you are ready to understand.

I must share this, i know it will start so many questions inside you, but it's simply the truth.

Vicinolontano 2009

Bill Emmott, director of Economist

Valerio Pellizzari and Ahmed Rashid, pakistan journalist/writer winner of the prize

Ahmed Rashid and Mrs. Terzani, wife of the writer Tiziano Terzani

Press confernce with, Bill Emmott director of Economist, Ahmed Rashid pakistan journalist/writer and winner of Terzani price, Valerio pellizzari editor of La Stampa.

P.S. I love the d300 at iso 1600! And i love the vr on my 18-200! Dreaming for a 70-200vr... or, maybe, 80-400vr...

More pics here

sabato 9 maggio 2009

To grow.

I met a far friend before, the most important thing that came out after one hour of chatting about life & co. is that friendship need to grow not only with a comment on a blog or on facebook, but also with the real sound of the voice, or, when is possible, beeing near during good and bad days.
For me isn't easy, because i had some big disappoint in the past, and now isn't so easy to be very friendly...
But i'll try to grow.

At the market on saturday morning.

giovedì 7 maggio 2009


Sorry, only italians can understand...
(it's a local dialet, the sound and the sentence are funny)

lunedì 4 maggio 2009


Is it a dream? Is it a paint? It is simply....real

domenica 3 maggio 2009