domenica 27 aprile 2008


- "yaya, nice...hey, haaaa, loosing oil! Need a good mechanic! "
- "Don't stop don't stop! We are late for the beach party at Quaky home! Go on go on!"

A nice day

Today was a great day! The weather was perfect! Sunny and the right temperature. Then, also friends a ride up the mountains.

sabato 26 aprile 2008

Following a leader.

I'm very luky. And i thank God for it.
I had the luky to follow the Leader of D.A.P in Malaysia during the local elections.
I followed a man with ideas, with programs in wich trust, with the power to counteract all the wrong informations.
I followed a man without voice, because the troth ( after many time speaking to the people all around the country ) was sick, but ( i don't know where ) when he went on the stage she returns out to send the words of hope in the future to all the people.
I'm not writing in favour of him, in favour of the D.A.P or against the Barisan National, i'm writing about a man with a big energy, with something in wich believe, with people that hope to Him.
You can be a leader or you can be a simple employee, but you have to trust in what good you believe.

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venerdì 25 aprile 2008


When i was in Penang my friends bring me to Cheong Fatt Tze mansion.

This home was built by an hakka merchant that became the Asia Rokfeller after be a poor child, and is a tipical feng shui home. Is a very rare example.
Waht i loved is the light i saw inside. I would take a lot of pics to show, but the guide said can't.
When the guide was describing the history, she told that in the centre there is a point wich has a big energy power, and the people which trust in feng shui always put the hands or go inside that point to recharge himself.
Is a very interesting believe, and i'm sorry that in this years this believe is disappearing, giving us only material.
What i can tell is that i felt a very nice sensations inside this place, i really loved it.
Thanks to Ping and Jiin.
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giovedì 24 aprile 2008

The ferry feeling.

Remembering my holidays, i was thinking about the little trip with the ferry from Penang to mainland.
I love take the ferry.
I think that with his slow-motion, the salt smell, the waves leaved from the boat is one of the best sensation that help you to realize the idea of holiday.
I would have a island near my hometown, so sometime i could take it, and have a break from the "everyday same day" feeling.
When you are on a ferry, you wait, you think.
For me is relaxing.

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lunedì 21 aprile 2008


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( When all the things are going in wrong way... )

mercoledì 16 aprile 2008


Aquileia is a very important city in my region. Is from the old roman emperor, with the local classic roman style and signs and some very nice mosaic inside the church.
Was very important for the boat traffic.
Is interesting know that now the sea is far 25 km, but at that time was a city near the Adriatic sea.

This is the most popular simbol of Roma, the wolf that gave food to Romolo and Remo, the twins brothers that fight to built Roma.

venerdì 11 aprile 2008

Italian election.

Lukily at midnight all the news must stop to talk about election, 24 hours for let the people think by himself.
Then, sunday will start the voting.

Good luck...Italy.

Movie: bluberry nights

I love The director Wong Kar Wai and i love his direction.
Good actors with the new Norah Jones, that gave the sensation of "eyes from outside", a storyteller.
Lovely colors, lovely saturation, lovely tipe of film.
The story sometime is slow, sometime make think.
Anyway, i like the use of the camera like an eye that is looking behind a glass, mirror, window ecc. Nice the slow-motion effect, sometime too much used. In 2 points the cut was too much strong.

If you have loved his movies, here you can find him. But different location, is in US.

lunedì 7 aprile 2008

Italian elections: funny.

This is Italy: everithing not serious.
So, i explane.
Is elections time, and what you see up is the ballot paper.
You can see that the party simbols are one attached to other.
Well, this is wrong. Is a big mistake because you can think that the party attached are friends, when is not like that. If you cross in the middle of 2 partyes your vote is not valid.

Some ministers ask to re-print all the ballot paper, but is not possible because no more time.

A lot of oversea votes, from the italians around the world are not valid because many of them wrote the cross in the middle of 2 partyes thinking they where connected.

Many of them sent the vote by air mail, without be sure if the mail will arrive and, if it arrive, is wrote the sender name, so, no privacy.

Here politic is so funny.


Inside me there is a war:
reason against feeling.
Italy against Malaysia.
This war started some years ago, and now is very strong because is on the way to end, so every part is showing his best weapons.

For the first time i support Malaysia...

sabato 5 aprile 2008

I make the step.

I make the step.
In the previous post i was sayng that tell to my boss my life ideas where not easy.
Today ( after many days praing :-) and collect all the courage i've inside) i've done it.
Yes, we spoke about my idea to live in Malaysia.
Came out interesting minds, and i've a little project to to develope.
I still not have decided if go or not, but if my project could start, i'll go. 80% sure i'll go.

My friends, i'll upload you by mail soon.

If you really felt to do something for your life, follow your dreams because the universe will work for help you.

1000 !!!!!!!!

Thanks thanks thanks to all the people that is reading my blog. Now my counter is more than 1000!!!