lunedì 7 aprile 2008

Italian elections: funny.

This is Italy: everithing not serious.
So, i explane.
Is elections time, and what you see up is the ballot paper.
You can see that the party simbols are one attached to other.
Well, this is wrong. Is a big mistake because you can think that the party attached are friends, when is not like that. If you cross in the middle of 2 partyes your vote is not valid.

Some ministers ask to re-print all the ballot paper, but is not possible because no more time.

A lot of oversea votes, from the italians around the world are not valid because many of them wrote the cross in the middle of 2 partyes thinking they where connected.

Many of them sent the vote by air mail, without be sure if the mail will arrive and, if it arrive, is wrote the sender name, so, no privacy.

Here politic is so funny.

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