domenica 17 gennaio 2010


Sleepy boy...
( sculpture made from tree wood )

lunedì 11 gennaio 2010


Ladies & gentleman...the cathedral is unpack!
( They also switch-on windows light...incredible)

domenica 10 gennaio 2010

Learn, and not only look.

I went to the Steve McCurry photo exibition in was not only an exibition to go and look, it was a journey around the world, around the culture, around the facts that sourround us.
This exibition left a sign to me...his pics left a sign too.
Thanks Steve.

sabato 9 gennaio 2010

Il mio destino.

In questa vita il mio destino e' quello di essere di passaggio, nelle vostre vite, nelle vostre emozioni, nei vostri pensieri. Un passaggio che non lascia legami, se non quelli sottili di un pensiero. Un passaggio dal quale ricevo, ed a volte lascio, sempre qualcosa che rimane impresso, e che cambia un po' la vita e la sua visione in meglio.

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I did a mistake.

During my cambodia journey i did a mistake. For the most of the time (but lucky not for all) i left my heart and my mind closed, i didn't let the life flow and allow it to touch me.
I'll try in future to allow it...

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giovedì 7 gennaio 2010

Crazy? Depends...

I alwais wonder why for everyone, japanese are camera-maniac. Oh, yes, in venice or all other famous cityes in italy i saw them wearing a camera. That's normal, tourist like a pic to remind the place after go back home. But, in front of Angkor Wat, i saw all these people with all type of camera, lens, tripod, filters ecc! But, i've to tell you...i was near them.

sabato 2 gennaio 2010


Here for you a selection of premium beers!


I've created a calendar from my last trip to Cambodia, if someone would buy it, can go there or follow the "buy now" button under my picture on the right.
Thanks a lot!

venerdì 1 gennaio 2010

New born.

A new year is born. Wellcome 2010, bring us all the best. The way is infront of us, we can make it as we want.