mercoledì 31 dicembre 2008

Bye bye 2008.

So, it's time also to you to finish.
We had a great time together, but now it's time to wellcome 2009 with his new projects.
Let's go!

sabato 27 dicembre 2008

27/12/2008: how was?

Start point, and we have to go up the mountain...

Try to drink...but it's a little bit cold....

On the way...easy start...

Is impressive to wach how much the Life is strong.

Middle of the way...we must go up the mountain.

A thought to God

On the way again...less easy...

The wiew is amazing

You can see the reflection, it's the sea, it's far 50km line air.

Going up, we found some snow :-) temperature was around -4...

Near to the end, a little church

1235 meters over the sea, an amazing wiew.

So, today was a very nice day, an amazing wiew, a good friend, clean air to breath.

venerdì 26 dicembre 2008

26/12/2008: how was?

Now it's 7 pm, so this day is going to end...
Was a nice day, some nice things happened :-)
Here in Italy we have holiday also today, then, saturday i never work so i'll have 4 days off! :-)
I wake up from a long sleeping, from 25-12 9 pm to today at 9 pm. I was surprised to slep so a lot, maybe, i think, it's because i had a lot of work during the last 2-3 weeks...
After wake up, i decided to go to thermal swimming pool, is a nice place where to relax the body. There, you can find swimming pool with sea-water temperature at 37°, sauna and turkish bath, a jacuzzi, relax zone.
I started with an hour swimming in the pool, then i went to the relax zone, going sometime to have a sauna-turkish bath-jacuzzi.
The nice thing happens now :-)
When i was in the jacuzzi waiting the "bubbles" start, a girl ( very nice ) came also inside, and after a while she started to talk with me :-)
We had a nice chatting, how was the christmas day, work, studyes, ecc ecc
Then, the time for me ended, i had to return home, so we say ciao each other and, because in the relax zone noone has a mobile phone, we decided that i had to left my number at reception.
I left it, but knowing that she will never call me :-)
I'm not so lucky :-)
But i had a nice time, talking with an interesting girl :-)
Then, i went on the beach ( where there was wind and 4° ), i took some pics ( you can see up ), i breath good nice sea air and i returned at home.
Tomorrow.... trekking up a mountain :-)
Need to go sleep early this night...

giovedì 25 dicembre 2008


it's xmas!

lunedì 22 dicembre 2008

sabato 20 dicembre 2008

The week, as it was.

This week many things happened, some good, some nice, some not so good.
I started on monday, a very important day for my life. Sometime in lifetime you are watching a crossroad, and you must follow only one way. 
I signed the contract to be my own boss. From 2009, my boss businnes will be mine. 
Future will tell us how will be.
I'll try to use my knowledge, it will help me to realize my dream...i think is a good balance.
I hope it will not increase the distance with my far friends.

Tuesday i bought the tiket for a dream: Coldplay are playing in my hometown in august, so i bought the ticket :-) I like thm a lot, and this will be my first concert! I never went to any concert before :-)

My grandpa isn't very good......
he had an operation one month ago.
After, he started a slow "way to down"....
Now he is in hospital, we hope for the best...

Friday i found a car.
Friday evening i bought the car.
Used, but in very good conditions. 
One year without a car, only with the scooter. Sun, rain, wind and also a day with snow, alwais around with my friendly scooter. But now was the right time to buy a car, money are saved and winter isn't so good.
So, i bought a Mini.
A Mini One De Luxe, 1.6 cc engine, 90 hp, model yaear 2002. The colour is the classic british green. Soon i'll post the pics. 

This wknd i hope to don't be more fat...
Before christmas, many friends to see, many lunch and dinner to go...

So, this is my week-story. 
Sometime good, sometime nice, sometime pray and hope. 

giovedì 18 dicembre 2008

Work era.

In this Era, work is on the top, before Life.
If really EVERIONE didn't change his minds chosing Life on the Top, before EVERITHING, the humans will extinguish themself. Very soon...

sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Coldplay at home!

31 agust 2009.... Coldplay are playing in my hometown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday morning i go to buy the tiket!
Soooo happy!!!

P.S. I need a huge zoom....

New style 2.

I change something...more right for chirstmass time.

venerdì 12 dicembre 2008

New style.

I've uploaded a new style at my blog...
I'm waiting your comment! :-)


I'm searching a car.
The problem, is my neverending not to decide for one.
Too much cheap, too much expensive, too much big, too much old, i dream it but it's too much expensive...
Will be the day that i'll decide?

martedì 9 dicembre 2008

Change, maybe.

People never change.
We are how we grow up.
We can learn, we can develope many interests, we can understand ourself and our mistakes.
But change, is another thing.

My christmass gift

So, i went inside Mac world...

martedì 2 dicembre 2008

Storm at the beach 2... bad news.

See the pics in "storm at the beach" again, because they are the last pics...
During the night of the same day, we had a big storm, and the sea has destroied all the beach...