venerdì 26 dicembre 2008

26/12/2008: how was?

Now it's 7 pm, so this day is going to end...
Was a nice day, some nice things happened :-)
Here in Italy we have holiday also today, then, saturday i never work so i'll have 4 days off! :-)
I wake up from a long sleeping, from 25-12 9 pm to today at 9 pm. I was surprised to slep so a lot, maybe, i think, it's because i had a lot of work during the last 2-3 weeks...
After wake up, i decided to go to thermal swimming pool, is a nice place where to relax the body. There, you can find swimming pool with sea-water temperature at 37°, sauna and turkish bath, a jacuzzi, relax zone.
I started with an hour swimming in the pool, then i went to the relax zone, going sometime to have a sauna-turkish bath-jacuzzi.
The nice thing happens now :-)
When i was in the jacuzzi waiting the "bubbles" start, a girl ( very nice ) came also inside, and after a while she started to talk with me :-)
We had a nice chatting, how was the christmas day, work, studyes, ecc ecc
Then, the time for me ended, i had to return home, so we say ciao each other and, because in the relax zone noone has a mobile phone, we decided that i had to left my number at reception.
I left it, but knowing that she will never call me :-)
I'm not so lucky :-)
But i had a nice time, talking with an interesting girl :-)
Then, i went on the beach ( where there was wind and 4° ), i took some pics ( you can see up ), i breath good nice sea air and i returned at home.
Tomorrow.... trekking up a mountain :-)
Need to go sleep early this night...

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Daniela ha detto...

what a nice day!!!
Good Luck! ;-)