sabato 20 dicembre 2008

The week, as it was.

This week many things happened, some good, some nice, some not so good.
I started on monday, a very important day for my life. Sometime in lifetime you are watching a crossroad, and you must follow only one way. 
I signed the contract to be my own boss. From 2009, my boss businnes will be mine. 
Future will tell us how will be.
I'll try to use my knowledge, it will help me to realize my dream...i think is a good balance.
I hope it will not increase the distance with my far friends.

Tuesday i bought the tiket for a dream: Coldplay are playing in my hometown in august, so i bought the ticket :-) I like thm a lot, and this will be my first concert! I never went to any concert before :-)

My grandpa isn't very good......
he had an operation one month ago.
After, he started a slow "way to down"....
Now he is in hospital, we hope for the best...

Friday i found a car.
Friday evening i bought the car.
Used, but in very good conditions. 
One year without a car, only with the scooter. Sun, rain, wind and also a day with snow, alwais around with my friendly scooter. But now was the right time to buy a car, money are saved and winter isn't so good.
So, i bought a Mini.
A Mini One De Luxe, 1.6 cc engine, 90 hp, model yaear 2002. The colour is the classic british green. Soon i'll post the pics. 

This wknd i hope to don't be more fat...
Before christmas, many friends to see, many lunch and dinner to go...

So, this is my week-story. 
Sometime good, sometime nice, sometime pray and hope. 

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firestarter ha detto...

Hey, friends are friends far or near. Congrats on the car!

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

Hug :-)

Moonfish ha detto...

Hope all is going well with you. TVB.. xoxo