giovedì 23 ottobre 2008

Bye bye Tokyo...

So, today is the last day here in Tokyo. Tomorrow morning i'll wake up, i'll have breakfast and then i'll pick up my backpack following the airport direction.
Tokyo, a place where people dress like a cartoon, where people paint the dog nails, where they order the coins from lowest to highest, where donuts are very nice, (but also the sushi), where food is nice, healthy and cheap ( compared to Italy ), where an italian can't stay inside pachinko game place more than 2 minutes because the crazy-tecno-sound is higher than a disco, where the megamall Yodobashy have EVERYTHING, (especially for camera...), where is nice to walk around because not much car traffic and a wonderfull skyline, where everywhere is clean, where there is the perfect mix of tecnology and story.
Bye bye Tokyo, see you again!

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Daniela ha detto...

So happy you enjoyed it!!!!