sabato 25 ottobre 2008

Special juri mention!

I partecipate to a local photography competition.
I didn't won, but 3 of my pics had a special mention from the juri! :-)
" The pics have a clear sensitivity to shot and a passion to search and find the point of wiew and the emotional point of wiew. B&W is excellent."
Sooooooo happy!

Pics aren't processed.

P.S. I scratch the pics because never mind if people dowload them and in future i had proplems...

5 commenti:

Daniela ha detto...

two hands up for Andrea!

firestarter ha detto...

Congrats! Lovely pixes! But i never seen any pixes scratched like that before. Why couldnt you use a simple watermark?

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

@Alvin: that scratched are terrible, but i duno how to put watermark... :-(
Now i've installed only nx2, no photoshop. I tryed to search a function to put a watermark but i didn't fint it.
Suggest are wellcome :-)

Daniela ha detto...

If you send the pics to me, I can put a watermark on them. :-)

Horsoon ha detto...

Nice shots indeed (minus the scratches!!). I guess probably just upload the compressed version will do?