mercoledì 11 giugno 2008

" We think to people"

Politicians alwais told and scream us "We think to you, we think to the country, we think to help all the people".

Days ago in Rome we had the FAO meeting.
Today the U.S. ( ) president came to Rome for a meeting with i duno know ( or maybe he miss good pizza...).
Many streets are closed, many bus lines are closed, often the traffic is stopped because of some important car is driving fast to somewere...
And the poor man that took every day that bus to go to work that need it to save money for the family???
And that poor man that need to go out with his car from the garage in the early morning???
And that poor people stuck in the traffic waiting that an important car with that important politician must be at the meeting to save the world???
What this NORMAL people can do???

Wait, because "we are saving the world".

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