martedì 3 giugno 2008


Yesterday was italy republic holiday, so i went around Slovenia to explore new places.
Very nice to go hiking, very quiet for meditation.
Is strange thinking that long time ago, to came here you need the passport, then only I.D., and now, because slovenia is inside europe, there isn't anyone to control, only pass the old house on the border.
Time change the things.

Talking about destiny, when i was still in Italy, in a city near the border, i found along the street a slovenian motorcyclist. He stopped me asking info, asking "Slovenia?". Found there the border was not easy, is not the main border. He was luky, he found me at the right place and at the right time. I said "follow me, i go Bovec". You can understand how happy he was!
When i was at home i was thinking to go to slovenia from the main border, only after i decided to go to the other little one.
There was a why :-)

The river near the street.

Wellcome to slovenia.

In the past here you find a lot of, is free.

Yes, in the centre is raining.

2 commenti:

Foo ha detto...

Petrol will cost RM2.70 a litre starting from midnight here.

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

Always 1/3 than italy...