mercoledì 22 giugno 2011

Lovely D40

D40 ( nikon, obvious...) was my first DSLR, introduced to me from my bro Alvin.
I still have it ( and i'll never sold, obvious...) and sometime i pick up it for some shots.

I'm always happy of it's performaces.

P.S. Now, it has 18.000 shots...

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haan ha detto...

agree :) i will use it until it's unwilling to serve me anymore.

firestarter ha detto...
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firestarter ha detto...

D40 is a legend!

The first 'top class' entry level dslr.

The only entry level dslr to have equal pixel density with fullframe sensors (still).

When its unwilling, send to nikon they will make it willing again. Mine has had shutter, screen and several other parts changed. Now shutter count around 300k and still going strong!