mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

On holiday? la!!

Now i show you what happens to me when i'm on holiday in the beautiful country called Malaysia...

Big sister bring me to Ikea, searching a new book case for her tones of books ( please ta jie, don't go often to the book market...) and a new bed. Lukily, bed wasn't on stock. Then, went back to home who had to fix the new nice white book case???!! The italian monkey of course! The only one that know how to use the tools to built it :-)
By the way, i did a good job. Of couse!! :-)

When i open the box, on the wood was writed " made in italy". AYOOOOO!!!!!

5 commenti:

Daniela ha detto...

Are you busy next weekend? ;-)

Moonfish ha detto...

That's a pretty bookshelf. Should have close the bathroom door before you take the photo, bro :)

firestarter ha detto...

"Should have close the bathroom door"

Yalor...the jamban so nice..Haha.

Foo ha detto...
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haan ha detto...

yes, u did a good job!! i should plan for another task for u, if we meet next round, haha!!

dont say no, say yes lar... :P