martedì 6 ottobre 2009

New toy in town!

You can call it toy, you can call it fashion, you can call it camera...but only one word is correct: LOMO!
This is the Diana mini, the smallest-but-same Diana F+. Is not only photography: is LOMOGRAPHY!
What i can tell you is this strange thing: last year i went in Milano to an exibition, and at the shop corner i saw the Lomo. In my mind jump the idea "waw! the lomo! the mith!". But, i have to tell you that...i don't remember how and when i start to know the lomo! I only got the thought in my mind, but i dunno tell you how i knew about that camera! It's like if i always know it!
If you want more info, go there.
Lomo... it's crazy fun!

3 commenti:

firestarter ha detto...

Nice new Toy! ;)

Horsoon ha detto...

Did u get one for yourself?

Andrea, Udine, Italy ha detto...

ya ya this is mine :-)))