domenica 12 luglio 2009


My closest friends had a baby one month ago, and last sunday we went to church for baptesim of Francesca, the new soul born in this world. I so had the choice to shot an event, inside a church and inside the restaurant. Inside the church i've used the 70-200 f2.8, at the restaurant i've used the 18-200vr. I've never had that kind of shooting before, so, i was not sure to do a good work. And, i didn't. Alvin helped me with camera settings and suggest, but i'm really not satisfied of the pics that i've done. Lukily, i did in raw, so if one day in future i'll be more good with processing, they could came out better. Here i post some of the best, what i like most. But, they are so so...
I've to learn a lot to shoot this kind of events...i hope in future to do that.

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Horsoon ha detto...

Beautiful shots!

firestarter ha detto...

Haha.. you see bro, no matter what or how you shoot..someone will always like your photos!

Don't think too much, just shoot and post!