domenica 7 giugno 2009

What is what we have?

It's some time that i don't write...
I'm mumbling mumbling mumblig...( Mumble=think like the river flow )
Some things changed a little bit in my life, not that much because of my decision, but in the way to let the life go on. Btw, i'm happy. I'm...ok.
This "age" will teach me to survive, to live and do and organize every day by my rithm. I think, it's the age to grow like a man ( but not too much, i like my child side ).

I would suggest to have a look at my sis pics here. These pics told me how much luky we are to have what we have.
At the end, do we need it?

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Moonfish ha detto...

I'm honored, Andrea. We are very lucky.