martedì 23 giugno 2009

Are you eating good?

Living alone is a good camp where to live :-)
One of the things that i've learn is: how understand if you are eating good.
If you to toilette every time after lunch or dinner ( but also once in a day is ok ) doing not only the liquid thing but aslo the hard thing, that meant that you are eating good things for your body.
Hem, sorry if i talk about toilette things...
But that's life!

4 commenti:

firestarter ha detto...

Lol. This is the funniest and most motherly advise i've read on your blog. Thanks mum.... ;)

yuehjiin ha detto...

aiya, keep it to urself laaarrr...or use more civilised language e.g. business, big or small, save the world, save the cheerleader..

ps am having my breakfast now..

Daniela ha detto...

ANDREA all this living alone is making you a little more crazy!!!!

Horsoon ha detto...

I think u have lived alone for TOO long!! LOL