domenica 5 aprile 2009

Easter time.

I've to be honest, i dun like to celebrate easter holidays at home with family.
So, i found a cheap flight to Liverpool, where Mark live! I've ask him if he will be free and if i will not disturb him during this period, he agree so i book the tiket...sooooo happy!
Is the only right time and choice to go there because: here in Italy we have 3 days off, one more day i took work holiday (no flights on monday ) and soon i'll start to have a lot of work so no choice to take holiday until october ( but i still hope for a miracle for Bali in august..)
Liverpool...i'm coming!

Jiin...don't be jealous :-P
I'll take care of Mark, no worryes :-)

3 commenti:

Moonfish ha detto...

I heard Christmas is coming in August this year... ;)

Xenocyon ha detto...

Yes yes..xmas early this year, in august and held at ubud, bali!

babi guling & bintang will be served throughout! can take photo!

haan ha detto...

how's the trip?