giovedì 5 marzo 2009

Francesco, my grandpa.

This was my grandpa, his name was Francesco. He passed away yesterday, after some months of not good healt. He was from sicily, moved to the north when my parents where young, first to Genova for a while, then to Udine to work in a school like the man that you find in the corridor to control the childrens, send mail, clean ecc. He was a strong man, always thinking to grew up the family. He moved from the south searching work for a better life and future to all. Slowly, he found it. I remember when i was child, i was used to stay with my grandparents because my parents where young and need to work. I was near him when he was working at the school, and he always introduced me to the theachers, collegue and also to the children that where studying in the school. I also remember...his great cooking. I'll miss the special chiken he made and some other nice things that he was used to prepare to me when i was going at his home for lunch break.. During these days, what is most strange is...quiet. His voice was deep and strong, you can clearly ear it, and when he shout you could ear from far away.
Bye bye grandpa, i hope that now you don't suffer, i hope that now you are eating a lot of food with Pavarotti...please, don't shout to him :-)

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Daniela ha detto...

My granda's name was Francesco and he was 78 when he died, like your grandpa.