sabato 7 febbraio 2009

Back to the italian rithm.

Ok la, i think that from today i felt back to my italian rithm, that mean be ok with jet-lag and do many things fast also if no need to do it fast.
I wake up at my normal time, 7.45 am, then i done my breakfast with my lovely biscuits and milk.
I went some hours to workshop to finisch few things, so monday i'll be ready to start for a new work day. I like be ready on the new day. I really don't like start with things to finish, because then, i felt like i'm working late on the day plan.
After, i went to the shopping mall to buy some tools for the shop and i had to pay also the governament year-tax of my scooter. Think, our governament is so generous that allow us to have a scooter under a pay of a tax. Thanks gov! :-P
Lunch, shower and soon i'll go to buy a used ( like new ) nikkor 18-55 for the d40. My father was thinking to buy a dslr, so i told him that the d40 is sleeping, it only need a lens ( the original is broken, definitly ). Online i found a 18-55 for a very cheap price, and the owner is near my hometown. Thanks internet! :-)
Uh! Forgot! 
I've charged the mobile phone battery and put online the "iMac 20" for sale".
Sorry iMac, there is no good feeling between us...

2 commenti:

haan ha detto...

huh... spreading the virus to your dad?? :P

Marko Fongo ha detto...

LOL, if he kept the MAC there would be NO virus! hehehe