sabato 24 gennaio 2009

An italian monkey in malaysia.


Home food

My first local food, not homemade but nice

Smell of spice... warm air....i'm in malaysia! :-)
Starting early in the morning from my home, i've waited 3 hours in rome for the direct journey to my lovely country.
Like alwais, coming out the airport the first thing that remind you that you are in asia, is the smell of the spices. And i love it.
I took the klia express to sentral station, where my sis yy was waiting me.
Noone is around, not much traffic: is chinese new year. The most of the people go back to hometown with the family to celebrate it.
I had my first soup, i sleep a little bit, we went to department store and then dinner with homemade food: mrs Foo is great in the kitchen :-)

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Daniela ha detto...

Enjoy and Happy new Year!!!!!